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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wild Bear Grylls vs. Urban Bear Grylls

I have wanted to post something about the greatest person on the planet - Bear Grylls - for a very long time. I have been a very big fan of Man vs. Wild, I really enjoy the McGyver-like-techniques that he uses on the show to overcome different obstacles, the way he finds "proteins that can save your life" in everything that moves, whether it is a skunk, a snake or a spider-scorpion hybrid, and "vital fluids that can mean the difference between life and death" in the wildest of places, e.g. in the stomach of a camel.

His series on urban survival are also great, and Worst Case Scenario is an interesting show, but ... I don't know how to say it ... it looks too staged. When he runs through the wild, the viewer gets a reality feeling from the whole thing and all of his actions are right on their place, however doing these things in an urban setting looks odd at times. Nevertheless he shows some pretty good tips there, so they are also recommendable, but just not as fun to watch as him taking on nature.

Click HERE to watch Bear Grylls Top Man moments @

And below is an episode of Worst Case Scenario. Enjoy!


  1. bear grylls is awesome! supporting!

  2. i' ll practice them later.


  3. Bear Grylls is a champ. Good post.

  4. intresting this scenario
    The ppls need camp no bears

  5. i love Bear Grylls, he is a genius of survival!

  6. bears the best animals after cats and squizzles

  7. How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?

    You're awesome

  8. Les Stroud FTW! Grylls camps at hotels and eats cheeseburgers while Les hikes, sets up his cam, hikes back to get it, and hikes on. Now THAT'S hardcore.

    More about survival at:

  9. Those are great videos man... thanks :)

  10. wow I didn't even know Bear had another show, I've seen Man Vs Wild but not Worst Case Scenario.

  11. nice post
    i like it ;)
    supportin you !