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Saturday, September 4, 2010

To shoot or not to shoot (or the things a hunter can do to a bear)? A really cool ad!

Wow, this really impressed me. A quite neat idea, check it out!!

Post in your comments what you have tried to do with/to the bear :) I tried kills, kisses, drinks with, smokes with, all of them were hilarious.

For a similar type of vid, check out the Youtube channel of the Expendables movie.


  1. lol wtf is that first movie from? Show support back plesae, see you soon =)

  2. LOL I typed in "rapes" and hilarity was had by all. Thanks for posting =]

  3. also "gets drunk with" is good stuff.

  4. If by 'shot', you mean 'had sex with' and by 'a bear', you mean 'your mother', then yes.

    Just playin'.

  5. I like this blog layout quite a bit. I'm going to follow you.

    If you're at all interested in following me, here's the link. I'll be updating daily. :)

  6. that was unexpected