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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The power of HTML5 - The Wilderness Downtown

A mindblowing site, showing what HTML5 can do. Combined with images from Google Street View and Google Maps, The Wilderness Downtown puts you through a fascinating interactive journey. Enjoy it (with Google Chrome)!

If you want to check out more experimental sites like this one, developed with the latest web technologies including HTML5 Canvas and SVG, be sure to check out Chrome Experiments, perhaps needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyway, using Chrome as a browser. It's worth having a look, because these technologies are the future of interactive websites, and will completely blow Flash and Silverlight away in a couple of years.


  1. love the background :)

    followd for interest s

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  3. Oh my The Wilderness Downtown was AMAZING!!! To think it was all done without the use of plugins is just fantastic. I think you have just added "learn HTML5" to my to do list. I'm seriously going to watch that again.

  4. ive been hearing many good things about html 5 which is very exciting to me since im a computer science major.

    i have a blog about computers and would appreciate it if you checked it out... the link is in my profile. let me know what you think


  5. Dont really see whats so useful about HTML5 :/

  6. well the cool thing imho is that you won't need 3rd party plugins(flash, silverlight, etc) to display video, play audio or make your web project more interactive...

  7. Nice post. Will follow and support.

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  8. Pretty damn slick, plus I love AF :)

  9. i love this piece, its great to see how artists will use to power of the web for expression